Nashville, TN
AugusT 4-6, 2023

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The first Stop On the Rove World Tour: Nashville, TN

Solana Summer Fest is a three day city takeover happening August 4-6 in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee. We're ditching the conferences and panels to bring you a weekend full of excitement and connections. We're reimagining Solana Summer with an unforgettable Solana-infused Music City experience.

Join us for a Bar Crawl through Midtown and Music Row, win crazy prizes in the day-long Amazing Race competition featuring the top tech and projects on the Solana blockchain, two-step your way to the Downtown Honky Tonk Takeover, feast on Nashville’s amazing local food and kick it with all your new friends at the Magic Eden Picnic. Make lasting relationships rooted in experience on our first stop on the Rove World tour this Solana Summer. You won’t want to miss this! Cheers to Solana Summer Fest, Yeehaw!

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Day One

Arrivals and Check In

4pm: Get settled in and ready for an epic weekend

VIP Welcome Party

5pm-7pm: VIP Happy Hour at the Virgin Hotel

Downtown Bar Crawl

8pm-1am: Meet everyone and enjoy the city

Day Two

The Amazing Race

11am - 5pm: Teams of 2-6 people race to complete challenges around the city before time runs out. Experience the city and the teams with the highest scores will win epic prizes 

Honky Tonk Takeover

8pm-11pm: We will celebrate all Amazing Race contestants while having an authentic Nashville experience at Nudie's Honky Tonk, a four-story bar with live music, karaoke and a DJ

Day Three

Magic Eden picnic

11am-4pm: Enjoy a feast themed after your
favorite Solana collections, chill out
with the community, play games for
more prizes, grab some limited-edition
merch and vibe to some live music

FRequently Asked Questions

Why Nashville? 
  • Flights are affordable from all over the US. There are direct international flights from Canada and the UK
  • Nashville is a tourist destination with exciting experiences throughout the city
  • Solana Summer has been an anchored virtual term for the community. It’s time we take it IRL in a new city
What are the dates?

August 4-6, 2023

How do we select our teams for the Amazing Race?

Rally your friends before the event, use the dialect group chat to find new friends and join your crew, or meet new friends and make a team at the bar crawl the night before

Team Members and team names need to be submitted by August 5th, 2023 - 9am CST

What are the prizes for the Amazing Race? 

Solana Saga Phones, Solana NFTs from our partners and other crazy surprises TBA

Do I have to participate in the race if I go?

Feel free to skip out if you please, but you will be missing the chance to win prizes and to have a lot of fun

What times should I book my flight so I don’t miss anything?

Arrival: Friday, August 4th - VIP’s first event kicks off at 5pm and the first GA event starts at 8pm

Departure: Sunday, August 6th - The Magic Eden Picnic will end by 4pm

Will I have Major FOMO if I don’t go to Solana Summer Fest?

Undoubtedly, yes

How can I buy tickets? 

Tickets will be available to the public on June 29th, 2023 on this site. Rove Medallion holders will have the opportunity to purchase tickets within the Rove World App, which can be downloaded from the iOS and Android app stores. Tickets can be purchased using Rove Credits in the app and they will only be available while supplies last

Will there be amazing limited edition merch at the event? 

You bet

Where should I stay?

Our main hub will be the Virgin Hotel at 1 Music Square W, Nashville, TN 37203, United States. All Solana Summer Fest Events will take place in the greater Downtown/Midtown area. Guests will find it convenient to stay at Airbnbs and hotels in North Nashville, East Nashville, Germantown, Downtown, Music Row, and Midtown South Nashville

Here are some hotel suggestions:

The Hutton Hotel

The Virgin Hotel

The Bobby Hotel

The Dream Hotel

The Noelle

Hilton Downtown

The W Hotel

How can I get my project/company involved?: 

Reach out to us via email at contact@roveworld.xyz

Where do I find my ticket? 

When purchasing a ticket on the website, you are required to provide an email address. Please ensure that you use the same email address when creating an account in the Rove World App, which is available on iOS (https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/rove-world) and Android (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rove.mobile&pli=1). Once you have logged into the app, you will find your tickets stored in the wallet section

When and How will I receive new information about the event? 

Expect to receive updates from the Rove team via email throughout the Solana Summer Fest, including before, during, and after the event. We encourage you to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord Channel for an enhanced experience. Let's go, Fam!

Terms & conditions

1) Your actual NFT ticket will be airdropped to the wallet that you used to purchase tickets
2) All sales are final & non-refundable
3) The event will happen from August 4-6, 2023 - rain or shine, the show goes on
4) The drinking age in the state of Tennessee is 21. No venue will provide drinks to anyone under the drinking age.
5) Any foul behavior may result in an attendee losing their rights to entry, subject to the staff hosting these events and the venues they are held at
6) SSF event organizers, sponsors and hosts are not responsible for any injury, loss, damage, or theft of personal belongings during the event
7) Event attendees are to take appropriate safety precautions and acknowledge that participation in certain activities or events may involve inherent risks. We encourage attendees to consult with medical professionals if they have any health concerns
8) Event organizers are not responsible for the opinions, views, or statements made by speakers, exhibitors, or participants during the event. Any content shared or distributed during the event does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the event organizers
9) Photographs, videos, or audio recordings may be taken during the event and may be used for promotional purposes by the event organizers or sponsors
10) While the event organizers strive to provide accurate information and content, they do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of the information presented at the event
11) Event organizers are not responsible for the actions, products, or services of any third-party vendors, exhibitors, or sponsors present at the event
12) Attendees are expected to comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations during the event. Any violation may result in your removal from the event premises

See Ya’ll there!

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